CASE: Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2007

The 2007 Cherry Creek Arts Festival was a unique creative turning point for me. My family and I had attended the festival many years. I had done some speculation how to promote such an event, but nothing solid. Through our brainstorming for the marketing concept for the year, the festival team and my team had come to an agreement. We took my creative recommendation of the concept ‘My art…” After numerous years speaking to the attending artists and arts patrons the common thread is art is a personal expression of yourself. Whether you are an observer or creator. Simply, the festival is a place of inspiration for me and others. The creative for this year’s event personally was my most satisfying and rewarding.

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is Colorado’s signature summer cultural event, attracting over 380,000 attendees. They hired my team for all their advertising and marketing for the 2004-2007 festivals. The strategy was to promote and celebrate the Festival’s 15th anniversary, and brand the event as Colorado’s biggest, most highly acclaimed and publicly accessible outdoor arts festival.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2007 – My Art… Spot>

Design, Illustration, Motion