CASE: Reintroduction of Arcky

ARC Thrift Store based in Denver Colorado had a challenge: be recognized as the leader of recycled and lightly used merchandise. The main objective was to change the way consumers think of thrift stores- hand-me-downs to a trove of unexpected treasures to be found. As the messaging for the brand became more clear so did the development of the spokesperson for the company – Arcky the bird.

The character’s personality had to have a laid back, guy next-door feel, but also that he is on a mission. We developed several spots that included the mission into each, without being too cliché. The result was a retro-clever art direction for all the characters and an extremely well received reintroduction of Arcky himself.

Arcky gives a Lesson to the Professor Spot>

Arcky and Kerplunk Spot>

Arcky: Thrill of the Hunt Spot>

Production Notes: Adobe AE and PS production resources. Directed, illustrated and produced. All visuals and audio edited in FCP7. Various voices including the talented Rich Rubin starring as Arcky.

Arc Thrift Stores Design, Illustration, Motion